What are "Problem Muscles"?


Problem Muscles are muscles that are not functioning optimally due to any number of physical or physiological reasons.  Some common causes of muscular dysfunction include:


Learn more about the causes of "Problem Muscles".

What Can "Problem Muscles" Lead to?


Soft Tissue Dysfunction can lead to the development of painful “trigger points”, entrapped nerves, increased risk for injury during regular activities, postural distortions, restricted range of motion, etc.  These issues can lead to conditions such as:


Learn more about conditions "Problem Muscles" can lead to.

How does RPM Treat "Problem Muscles"?


Sessions at RPM typically utilize a variety of integrated techniques based upon individual client needs or goals.  The modalities your therapist is certified in include:



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Welcome to RPM Muscular Therapies Clinic LLC



165 W. Wieuca Rd - Suite 214 - Atlanta, GA  30342










RPM specializes in relieving muscular pain, restoring mobility, and increasing range of motion.


Our mission is to provide our clients with relief for problem muscles by utilizing various integrated massage/manual therapy techniques.  We seek to decrease and eliminate muscular tension and pain due to stress, overwork, postural distortions, and various underlying factors WITHOUT surgery or chemicals.

Our speciality is Clinical Massage/Manual Therapy.  However, we also offer maintenance and relaxation massage.  All of our sessions are customized and based upon client needs and goals.  Please give us a call and find out more about our services and how we may benefit you.

RPM Offers:


Convenient Online Scheduling

Ample Free Parking

Major Credit Cards Accepted

Flat Rate Pricing—No “teaser rates”, gimmicks, or product/upgrade hard sells

No Contracts or Membership Fees

Evening and Weekend Availability

    Practice has been in Buckhead for over a Decade



To Schedule An Appointment:


Clients may make appointments by contacting the clinic directly via phone at:

(404) 477-3254

Or, appointments may be booked online by clicking the "Schedule" tab at the top of this page.




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